SCULLY'S TRIBUTE to Chester Bennington 1976-2017

Chester was discovered hanging from a door separating his bedroom from his closet. He had  a belt around his neck and sources state that there was a partially empty bottle of alcohol in the room where Chester died, but no evidence of drugs. He was always up front about his issues with drugs and alcohol. The singer reportedly left no suicide note.

So many similarities between Chesters death and Chris Cornell, who died in a hanging incident after a show in Detroit earlier this year. Bennington’s death coincided with the date of Cornell’s birthday, also on a door.

Chester  was discovered by a housekeeper and police were called to the scene. One of his Linkin Park bandmates arrived at his residence shortly after police arrived as he was picking Bennington up to head to a photo shoot.

I am so shocked and saddened that Chester (and Chris) are gone...

However depression is devastating and you never know what lies behind the eyes of someone effected by it.  Its just so sad that  it was too much to bear for 2 of my favorite singers.  We will always remember what they gave use, the songs, the inspiration, the joy and the sadness.  Below are the tribute pieces I did today for Chester and also the video where he jumped on stage with Chris Cornell for Hunger Strike. 

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