HIP HOP has DETHRONED ROCKNROLL as Americas Favorite Music

Ever since Nielsen Music has been collecting data on music sales, rock 'n' roll has been America's favorite genre.  But in 2017, rock is no longer king.

According to a new report, R&B and Hip-Hop have become the country's new favorite genre.  And yes, they lumped 'R&B and Hip-Hop' together.  NOW I AM NOT SURE THATS NOT BULLSH*T. Rock isnt lumped in with southern rock/blues or country.

Over the first half of 2017, R&B and Hip-Hop have claimed about 25.1% of the market.  Rock is second with 23%.

Pop is third with 13.4%, followed by Country (8%), Latin (5.7%), Electronic (4%), Christian / Gospel (2.5%), and Children's Music (1.4%).  Bringing up the rear are Jazz and Classical, which both claim just 1% of the market.

Of course, this isn't based on a survey of people's interests, it's based on actual sales data, and that DOES include streaming.

And streaming is the main reason R&B and Hip-Hop are #1.  If you counted only ACTUAL music sales . . . involving old-school stuff like cash and CDs . . . Rock would still be #1 by a pretty wide margin.  Rock accounts for 42.7% of physical album sales, compared to just 15.6% for R&B and Hip-Hop.

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