Woman Says AMERICAN AIRLINES Sat Her Next to A Masturbator

NYC WOMAN says American Airlines knew this guy next to her was masturbating and refused to change her seat.                                                     

She was asleep and this guy was pleasuring himself and to make matters worse, he was in the middle seat and she was trapped at the window.

Chloie Kings said “I’ll never know exactly what happened on that flight, but I do know I’ll never feel completely safe flying again,” Ms King wrote on Medium.

She works as social media manager at a luxury department store                                         

The attendant said a woman on his other side saw it happen and had been moved, and that French police had been notified, Ms King claimed.

So not only did the flight attendant wake her to tell her this was going on, but then they made her sit in her same seat after informing her of the guy’s gross behaviour.  EWWWWWWWW.

“Instead, they made me climb back over the sex offender, trapped between him and the window for the rest of the flight,” Ms King wrote.

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