Someone Calls 911 on SlipnSlide- then the COPS RIDE IT!


Video Cred----->  Travis Barker Vaughn Eagledove

Theres always one putz that has to try to ruin everyones good time.......a neighborhood DAD put together this slip and slide for the e4th of July and someone called 911 and said was blocking the street yesterday . . . it was a Fourth of July block party.  But when two cops showed up, they saw it wasn't a problem at all . . . and THEY decided to RIDE the slip-and-slide.  In full uniform!!!

   Officer Carrie Lee and Officer Joe Jones,  Carrie's idea was that she rode down on a trash bag.  Then someone persuaded Joe to take a turn.  And since Joe's a LOT bigger than Carrie, he went down it in a big inner tube . . . WITH one of the kids.   

Cops dont get nearly enough credit.

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