UFC's Justine Kish Poops in the Ring-OFFERED $15K for the shorts!!

Justine Kish ran into some serious trouble at UFC Fight Night 112  Not only did the UFC women’s strawweight nearly get choked out by opponent Felice Herrig, but she pooped her shorts while trying to defend herself. Kish eventually lost the bout via unanimous decision and has been forced to play damage control after pooping all over the Octagon canvas

Of course social media went bizerk....

Justine  said yesterday she got a  "disgusting" offer from one UFC fan, who offered her $15,000 for the shorts she soiled during her fight with Felice Herrig at UFC Fight Night 112. GROSS

Her opponent was very cool about it on  TMZ, see below, AND Justine is taking it stride saying, "SH*T HAPPENS" and is now getting offers to endorse butt wipes.  And she's into it. 

This is also not the first time UFC fighters have sh*t themselves, see video below

Her opponent talking about it on TMZ


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