A type of firework called "TNT Red, White, and Blue" got recalled last week, because they're only supposed to smoke . . . but they can EXPLODE when you're not expecting it.

The company that makes them is called American Promotional Events.  But the label says "TNT Red, White, and Blue Smoke."  And there are three canisters in the bag.  A red one . . . a white one . . . and a blue one.      

About 36,000 sets were sold in Illinois, Ohio, Vermont, and Wisconsin over the last couple months.  And they might have ended up in other states too.  So DO NOT use them.  You can get a full refund by sending an email to

Here are three more things to keep in mind tomorrow to make sure you have a safe Fourth of July . . .

1.  Don't let your kids handle fireworks, and obviously don't do anything illegal.  Keep in mind that young kids can even hurt themselves with things like sparklers.

2.  Keep a big bucket of water handy in case there's an issue. 

And if a firework doesn't go off, NEVER try to pick it up or re-light it.

3.  Don't get cocky.  Only four people were killed by fireworks last year, but about 11,000 people were injured.  41% of those injuries were to the hands or arms . . . 37% were injuries to the face or head . . . and 69% of injuries involved burns. 

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