DENVER BRONCO'S REVOKE Season Tickets from Cancer STricken Family

 Eric Siegler and his wife, whose mother was dying of lung cancer, sold his tickets while they dealt with the crisis. Apparently if you dont go to the games yourself, they will revoke your season ticket status.                   

Siegler has been a devoted Broncos fan for 43 years and a season-ticket holder since 1996.

“I sold my tickets in 2016 in order to provide emotional and physical support to my cancer-stricken mother-in-law in Minnesota. She was given a ‘2 to 6 months to live’ diagnosis due to lung cancer.  My wife pretty much dropped everything and moved in with her mom for what turned out to be 4 months.  I traveled back and forth as much as I could.”

“The Broncos never stated that there was a minimum number of games that a season ticket holder must attend.  Had I know that was the case, I certainly would have acted accordingly.  (I can’t say if that means that I would have attended a game in 2016; probably not given the circumstances.  At least then I would have known what the “rules” were.)”    

His mom lost her battle with cancer.                                  

Siegler mentioned that he sold his tickets, and he pointed out to us that he was diligent enough to do so using Ticket Exchange. This allows the Broncos to still profit from the sales, according to Siegler. The Broncos encourage this method, should individuals need to sell tickets. Siegler said if he used Craiglist or StubHub to resell, the Broncos wouldn’t have known that he didn’t use his tickets.

He was trying to do the right thing.

Then the hammer dropped.                                        

Siegler was notified on March 10, 2017, via email, that he would not be permitted to renew his season tickets for 2017                              

"After careful review and consideration of your account activity, we have determined that you did not personally use your tickets for even a single game in 2016. As a result, we regretfully inform you that your season ticket license will not be renewed."

AFTER APPEALING IT, here's what the BRONCO'S SAID                                          

After thoroughly considering your previous account activity as well as any documentation you may have provided, we regretfully inform you that our decision has not changed and your license will not be renewed.

This determination is final and not subject to any further review.

This is not the first time this has happened.....many ppl lose their season ticket status because they dont go to enough games.  If you bought them, why should they care?

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