British Prisoner Campaigns for 82K Inmates to Get Sex Dolls

A prisoner in Britain thinks his fellow 82-thousand male inmates should be given sex dolls He says the men have a lot of "testosterone" they need to get out Since the UK doesn't allow conjugal visits for inmates, he thinks the sex dolls will help cut down on fighting 

According to one prisoner in the UK, it's only fair he and his fellow 82-thousand male inmates be given sex dolls. Why? Conjugal visits, where inmates can be intimate with their partners, are not allowed. 

"The trouble is, our prisons are full of young men filled with testosterone who would give their right arm for a bit of passion," prisoner Jack Swarez explains. "The frustration of this situation makes these young men restless and wanting to cause mischief." 

Swarez himself was jailed for 17-years in 2012 for dealing drugs and he thinks sex dolls could make life on the inside a bit better. As he puts it, "It might help to alleviate this ongoing problem and, in turn, help de-stress the wings of every establishment the length and breadth of our nation."

What do you think , yes or no?

BELOW...this is what the new sex dolls look like now.... this one is from the first "Sex Doll Brothel" in Spain. 

There just is no way they can completely sterilize after every

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