Hot Drug Trafficker w/12LBS of COKE sez She didnt Know

Trafficker caught with 12 pounds of cocaine claims she thought the package was headphones. She is white and attractive though so some might believe her...but...she could be innocent, see what you think.

Her mother said her daughter was given a package that she thought was headphones, and she put it into her luggage without looking.

"The day of her departure he came up to her hotel gave her a package that was wrapped in black plastic and she took it and put it in her luggage," she said.

"And this is where the naive bit comes in, she didn't even rip it open to make sure there were headphones in there."

She said they had  hired a local lawyer.

"If she pleads guilty the minimum is six years," Ms Evans said.

 A lawyer who has had similar cases said Australians charged with drug offences overseas may not get a trial for three or four years if she did not plead guilty.

Human rights lawyer Stephen Kenny said the defence costs in such a situation could be up to $30,000.

"I've had a brief discussion with a lawyer in Colombia," he said.

"Probably if it's a guilty plea the matter could be dealt with in about six months, but if it went to trial if she pleaded not guilty it could be up to three years before the matter is finalized. YIKES

Regardless of outcome....dont EVER take a package from anyone to take to the airport.  DUH. Dont they teach that in Australia?

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