AIRLINE Stops 2 Girls From Boarding Cuz They Were Wearing Leggings

Over the weekend, Twitter activist Shannon Watts tweeted   United Airlines at the Denver International airport wouldnt let 2 girls board because they were wearing leggings, and made a third girl change her clothes to board the flight.

Seriously....leggings?  Are they completely blind to what more than 1/2 of the female population is wearing nowadays?  I was just on Spirit to NYC and both me and m y daughter wore leggings both ways and no one said JACKSH**.   Unbelievable, and whats worse is one of the girls was only 10 years old. 

As if a 10 year old could look inappropriate in leggings? 

Heres the lame excuse that UNITED AIRLINES TWEETED

UNTIED has used yoga and leggings style pants to advertise....uh, hypocracy, no?

Some people on twitter were saying theyre going to boycott.

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