Lawyer's Pants Caught on Fire During an Arson Trial

This  28-year-old lawyer named Stephen Gutierrez was in the middle of an arson trial in Miami on Wednesday.  His client was a 48-year-old guy accused of setting fire to his own car.

And right before his closing argument, Stephen's PANTS caught fire.

Smoke started pouring out of his right pocket, and he ran out of the courtroom.  We assume everyone else was thinking "liar, liar, pants on fire" at that point.

Stephen claims a faulty battery on his e-cigarette overheated.  But it might have been intentional.

During the trial, he claimed his client's car spontaneously combusted.  So the judge thinks it could have been a stunt to win over the jury, and police are investigating.

If it WAS a stunt, he could be charged with contempt.and it didn't end up helping his client, by the way.  The jury still found him guilty of second-degree arson. 


THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME.....e-cigs have been exploding in peoples pockets, its the same way the SAMSUNG phone batterys were catching on fire, the battery in the e- cigs are exploding.

check out the video below


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