1959 Restored Corvette Gets Crushed by a Ford Taurus at WALMART


Nothing good can come from showing off your vintage car in a Walmart parking lot.  NOTHING.

A guy named Paul Stamoulis from Edgewood, Florida owns a beautiful, restored 1959 Corvette, and last week, he drove it to Walmart.

Well . . . after he parked it, an old lady was cutting through the parking lot in her Ford Taurus.

She realized she was heading straight for the Corvette, so she tried to hit the brakes, but she hit the gas instead.

And she SLAMMED into the Corvette and rolled up ON TOP of the hood.

No one was hurt, but the Corvette was REALLY messed up.  Naturally, the Taurus looks like it was fine and, as far as we know, the woman isn't facing any charges. 



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